Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Coordinator — Veronica Haring (vharing@ualberta.ca)

Pirates Rugby is always looking for committed individuals to help out with our volunteer activities. While most of our volunteer work is done by current members, we welcome ANYONE who is interested in helping making our rugby club a better place to be.

If you are not a member but are still interested in volunteering for the Pirates, please take a look at the upcoming/current volunteer opportunities section. If you are a member, please ensure you are aware of your volunteer requirement as part of your registration.

Upcoming/Current Volunteer Opportunities

  • Hair Massacure; security and access control for annual event Feb 24 2016 at WEM Ice Palace. Contact Scott Poirier (scottfpoirier@gmail.com)
  • Digital Media coordinator: updating website and other media sources (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Registrar

Other Volunteer Opportunities

  • listed are some of the common volunteer opportunities available, although this is not an all inclusive list. Volunteer opportunities will also be posted once dates are set. If you have an idea for a volunteer activity you would be interested in starting, please talk to an appropriate board member.
    • Clubhouse Cleanup
      • big cleanup events, usually at the midway point of the season, the end of season, or before and after big events
    • Coaching
      • high school, mini’s, juniors
    • Youth Development
      • visiting schools to give clinics about rugby in Physical Education classes
    • Grounds/Clubhouse Maintenance
      • grounds crews rotate in taking care of the fields. This includes mowing, painting lines, watering, fertilizing, etc.
      • general clubhouse maintenance
    • Security Events
      • Dragonboat Festival beer gardens, etc.
    • Committees
      • the board will regularly strike committees throughout the year and will put out notice for participants
      • ex. Bylaws Committee, Banquet Committee, Capital Spending Committee, High School Sevens Committee, Lucky Snow Sevens Committee, Community Outreach Committee
    • Bartending/Bar Manager
      • working and managing the clubhouse bar
    • Hosting Events
      • organizing parking, working concessions, etc. for events such as High School Sevens, Mini’s festivals, and other tournaments
    • Serving on the Board
  • Non-playing members also could also do the following:
    • athletic therapist/first aid/physiotherapist for games