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President: Kate Childs
Vice President: Angela Lieu
Secretary: Michelle Maycock
Treasurer: Alexa Fleming
VP Junior Rugby: (vacant)
VP Senior Women: Karlee Walters
VP Senior Men: Bryce Grozli
VP Development: (vacant)
VP Social: Sabrina Hewitt
VP Facility: Rentals see below Kahlan Lukacs
Member At Large: Rhys Jones
Member At Large: Jasmine Murphy
Member At Large: Tom Poon
Registrar: Kate Childs
Men’s Coach:
Women’s Coach:

Rental Information:

Mailing Address: 1904-167 Avenue T5Y 6L7

General Inquiries:

**Please be aware that you will get a more rapid response emailing the appropriate board member.  Please use the general inquiries if you are unsure of who to contact.**