2020 Pirates and Social Memberships
After the announcement of the Rugby Canada, ARU and ERU return to play requirements, Pirates has decided to not run an 2020 season. Very few clubs within our cohort have had their return to play plans approved. Activities allowed under the return to play plans have to be less than 60 minutes, non-contact and with a small cohort of all registered players who have completed a questionnaire beforehand. No social activities are allowed at all. There are strict requirements for quarantine, testing and tracking which require significant input and volunteer time. After polling active members, we do not believe there is the desire among the membership to submit a return to play plan for 2020. We support this decision by our players to respect and maintain their safety during this time.
Although the Pirates will not be returning to play this season, you can still show your Pirate pride and support the club by purchasing a social membership! A social membership allows voting at the AGM and drink specials (which will be carried forward into the 2021 season). Most importantly, purchasing a social membership supports the clubs and helps offset some of the losses incurred during this difficult time. In addition to not having player memberships this season, many members are unable to volunteer their time to assist in keeping the club running. Please consider purchasing a membership show your support this season.
To get a social membership for the 2020 season, please e-transfer $35 to treasurer@piratesrugby.ca. Please include your full name in subject/message line, if not clear from your email address.
Thank You Pirates, see you in 2021 (or sooner for socials!)